What’s up buttercup?

1Even if you’d just love a good chinwag, let’s connect. It’s been said that all problems exist in the absence of good conversation, and I believe this to be true. Coffee?

Hi there! — When what you do makes the world a better place, you love going to work every day. I’m passionate about social change, and would love to volunteer my time to be a part of something bigger than I am.


In an ideal world, I’d be contributing to the mission of an organization that works toward sustainable development, employing my marketing know-how and translating my life and academic experiences into real results for a cause-related advocacy campaign.


I’m a strategic and entrepreneurial thinker that’s willing to put in the work, 110%. If you think we can create a win-win for us (and perhaps an extra win for the world), reach out.1


I’d be honored to speak with you.

Let’s win, you & I

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