Behind it all

Nafi — dreamer, learner, entrepreneur, realistic optimist, goofball. Mm, food. This is me.

Current projects and involvements

Think Outside the House

Agents If you’ve been told there’s no way but the door-knocking way, let me put the real in real estate – those agents out there that made you want to become one in the first place? They’re not out getting sweaty and having doors slammed in their faces all day – certainly not according to their Instagram stories!

Sure, door-knocking and cold-calling work great if you’re able to pull off being aggressive, sell-y and trustworthy at the same time… but you know there’s a better way.

If you have more to your personality than the average Jane and want to turn it into leads, Think Outside the House is for you.

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Strengths and know-how

  • • Exploitation
  • • Pressure and pain
  • • Surprise and delight

[Wondering why these are here and need an explanation? That’s more of a mid-2020 thing… or you could always get in touch.]

What we do, together

  • Find the spark. Light it.

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